Round ‘Em Up!

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Dale and I had a busy day getting ready for SKPChapter 37 to arrive from Sisters. I prepared a wonderful dish called French Toast Souffle (recipe here) and put it in the fridge to marinate all day. Then we went to roundupdo the laundry as the hamper was getting quit full. I was not please with this laundry. Drying was 5 minutes for .25 cents. Rip off! We also picked up some last minute groceries and ran to the Chamber of Commerce to get pamphlets about the area for the group. About 4:30 pm everyone pulled in and Dale was running around greeting everyone and showing them where to park. It was quite fun watching him!

Hugs all around! Escapees are famous for their hugging! They even have a bumper sticker “Have you Hugged and Escapee Lately”! As soon as everyone was set up out ch37

came the lawn chairs, the lawn rug and everyone circled this and the chatter began!


Four rigs arrived with four couples, a couple of cats and a dog. After we got caught up with everyone doings since we last saw each other, we walked to town to have a sit down dinner at The Outpost. The food was excellent but service was off a little. Come to find out one of their waitress called in to tell them she was going to LA with a married man. The manager didn’t know if this was true or not. Like “who could make up a story like that!”


The evening had turned balmy so the walk home was much cooler. We took them the long way home!


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