Today in the Life of the Prohaska’s!

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johndayFor some reason we slept in until 9 a.m. We had even gone to bed early so maybe and I am just saying these 60 years of living are getting to us – just a little! We had a great breakfast that we ate outside and then headed over to the fairgrounds to watch the cowboys do horsey things with the cows. Neil, the man cb1we met the day before was announcer and he pointed out that they had guests from Grants Pass with them. Good thing there weren’t all that many people in the stands!

After walking home from the fairgrounds we had lunch and then got out our books. As I was reading I thought I could be making muffins, zucchini and carrot muffins. So off to Thriftway, of which cowboysI have never been in one, but they packed in a lot of groceries in a small space. They had some great bargins. I helped a 70 year old man pick out tomatoes. He couldn’t see very well. I found out that if you purchase $50 worth of groceries you can use this coupon for $10 off. So I had to buy a paper and then my total came to $48.00. I bought a bottle of liquid soap and that pushed the total over $50.

futurecowboyBrought the groceries home and sat down and read on my book. It was only in the 80’s today and that made it so nice. I worked on our rally schedule and then fixed mashed potatoes, polish kelbish, saurekraut and raw veggies for dinner. Yummy! Dale and I then rode to the airport and got this great view of John Day. Their airport is on the top of a mountain.

buckAfter our walk around town tonight we came home to find 4 young bucks eating around the truck. As each head came up at our approach we saw the horns. Too cool.

That’s all folks……

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