We Are Finally On The Road!!!

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After 14 days without our truck we are on the road again. Dale drove the little white Chevy Cobalt back to Baker City and Powder River Dodge. He had to wait about 2 hours after being promised the truck would be done by noon. But, heck, we didn’t care. As long as we got it and it worked! While he was gone I cleaned our home and then visited the neighbors and invited them to dessert that night. I took my chair and sat it in the water and then proceeded to cool down and read at the same time. It was nice sitting in the shade of the only tree around us. About 4 Mountain Time I was watching every vehicle coming down the road to the ghost town of Homestead. Of course, only watching those that sounded like a diesel! About 5 Dale pulls in and we all go out to meet him and do a great big YAHOO! We knew we were done with Hells Canyon and out of there on Thursday morning.

Well, we made it out and proceeded to our next stop – Granite. There was a great campground there. As we left Sumptner we saw a tent sign and decided to investigate what this campground was like. It was on a creek so that was inviting. We checked out the sites but kept going looking for a bigger one and then this splitting siren-like sound screamed through the cab. “Oh no!” Yep, another tire on the trailer went flat. Did I mention that it had been pouring rain all day! While Dale changed the tire I went up the road to find us aanotherflat turn-around. The road we were on was narrow, very narrow. I found us a pull through but it was going to be tight. I will just say, “we made it out of there by the skin of our teeth.” As all this was transpiring Dale and I came to the conclusion, separately, that this was the sign to get pack on pavement and get to John Day and get new tires on the trailer. And that is what we did.

We found the fairgrounds, which were down the road from Les Schwab and parked for the night. The tires would arrive in the morning and we had a date – after 9 a.m. We replaced the remaining good  3 tires on the trailer and also purchased truck tires as they were down to the mark where it was dangerous to drive on. We now have new tires all the way around and holes in our pockets.

We set up the trailer in the field at the fairgrounds. It is quiet here. No boat engines screaming by johndayus or generators running. Just peace and quiet. Truly, it is quiet even thought the town is above us. We did some laundry and I finally was able to wash our rugs and comforter. Then drove the town and low and behold they have a yarn store for spinners, weavers, knitters and crocheters. We will stop by tomorrow! And if I forgot, it is still raining and we are in winter clothes!

This was great news for the forest fires going on in Oregon. We chatted with some fire fighters at the tire store and they said most fires were on relief in the area. Thank you Lord for the rain!


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