Riding, Hiking, Sightseeing – We Did It All

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cuprumOur neighbors, Harrie and Barb from Georgia wanted to take us to Cuprum, ID. As we left the paved road just above the Hells Canyon Campground on the Idaho side of the Snake river, Dale and I groaned inwardly. Another dirt road. Well, let me tell you this wasn’t just “another” dirt road. This road was carved right out of the end of the mountain. One side was pure mountain the other a drop off into a canyon that was, I swear, thousands of feet deep. We were on our way to Cuprum, which Harrie swears the town was named after a cup of rum.

On the way to Cuprum, which by the way, is Latin for copper and pronounced Cooprum, was once a booming mining town but now is home to 8 residents. They get their mail 3 days a week out of Council, ID. UPS will come up to Cuprum, but FedX won’t. There is a small store run by a resident, Indian Creek  Store, which sitscuprum1 right on the banks of Indian Creek. Cuprum is a very neat and lovely town. Most of the houses there are summer homes. We stopped for drinks and a look around.

The old Lodge is still standing. Gary Cooper once stayed there on a hunting trip. cuprum3He ordered mayonaise and onion sandwiches. They celebrated their 100th year as a town this year and put out their very own cookbook. We did enjoy visiting. We passed on through the town and headed toward Sheep Rock hoping to get a glimpse of a mountain goat/sheep and the Hells Canyon Dam.



At one view point this is what we saw. We learned that Hells Canyon is the deepest gorge in North America. I can tell you that its beauty is astounding and if it had the colors of the Grand Canyon it almost could be the Grand Canyon!


On the way to Sheep Rock we found this spring. Someone came before us as it has a pvc pipe attached so one could fill a container with spring water. Dale and Morgan were thirstyspring.

We had lunch at Sheep Rock. The Forest Service had taken some time and this a great place to visit. Of course, it is out in the middle of nowhere and who would dare take the drive up here! The gal at the store in Cuprum told us we would see the Hells Canyon dam but a mountain was in the way. Rats! We walked the 1/2 mile interruptive walk. The signs told us about the canyon, flowers, trees and so forth. The view was fantastic. In the distance of the above photo’s you can see the Wallowa’s and the snow still present there. Smoke from the Oregon fires made the distance mountains hazy. It was still breathtaking scenery!






That is the Snake River way down thar!



Harrie and Barb are from Georgia and we have enjoyed getting to know them. They love to come here to fish! They also boondock harriebarbmost of their RV life. They just finished up a tour of Alaska. The return home to Georgia in the winter.





canyon1This was one of our better days in the canyon. The temps have been ranging between 95 and 100 for the last 2 weeks. At least it was cooler up above Cuprum and we enjoyed a strong wind. We ended our excursion at Horse Mountain Lookout. It is an active lookout. It is also one of 7 in the area around the canyon. No one was home so we didn’t get to look inside. At least on the ride home I was on the inside and not looking down into the canyon!


One thought on “Riding, Hiking, Sightseeing – We Did It All

    Ellie Willaman said:
    August 4, 2009 at 6:59 am

    Sounds like you are having an interesting time, Gwen. Have fun and God be with you and Dale.

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