Escaping the Heat

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Yes, we are still stranded on the Snake River in Hells Canyon. Our part should have been shipped yesterday and arrive in Baker City by Tuesday. We are sure hoping and praying this happens as they have been telling it will. But life is life and we are all good!

hcroadFriday, we decided to stay home after our long day going to Joseph. Then we jumped in our air conditioned white Chevy Cobalt and drove down to the Hells Canyon Dam. The road going to the dam is 22 miles long and on the Idaho side of the Snake River. It took two years to build. If you could see how it hugs the mountains you would understand the task it took to put it in. The dam was018 completed and up and running in 1968.




We spent some time at the Vistors Center talking with Terry and gathering those information pamphlets one reads and tosses! Drove home and the temp gauage kept going up and reached 100 degrees. Needless to say, we were making plans for the next day to beat the heat.

fishlakeWe decided to drive to Halfway and then on to Fish Lake. Oh, the road we took that little Chevy on. WhoooWeeeee! It is officially an off-road vehicle now. Fish Lake is about 20 miles north of Halfway. After getting a few groceries and trading our books for other used books, we took off up the road to new sights. We found Fish Lake and it was a busy campground. We found a spot that wasn’t developed and took our chairs, lunch and reading material down to the lake. Morganpastime enjoyed swimming in a new body of water! Dale read, I ate! Then I decided to find a trail somewhere and go for a hike. I did find a great trail that looked as if it went around the lake. So I went back for Morgan since she loves hikes and Dale decided to go with us. We did fine until the trail petered out and/or was covered in downed trees. We had to make our own trail and my legs have scratches all over them! I even drew blood. But we made it around and back to our camp. Dale decided we would stay another hour so he could get back to his book and the “exciting” part. I took some more photo’s of the creek flowing into the lake. It was surrounded by wildflowers – Freweed, Indian Paintbrush, Asters and so forth.

Dale came back to the car after about 20 minutes. I guess the few mosiquotes that were buzzing him brought their friends. I was already in the car hiding from those boogers. We finished off the day on the roughest road yet and we were so happy to get back on the pavement. We were both surprised that all four of the car tires were not flat! We stopped at a camping spot that hunters use and found this doe. She wasn’t that afraid of us until we turned the car around. She has the most wonderful face.



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