Over The Mountain and Through Hills

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josephsignwe took our little white Chevy Cobalt. There is this wonderful shortcut to Joseph from here. It goes right over the Eagle Cap Wilderness (part of it). The road is winds around and through this mountain with many streams and rivers. It is a beautiful drive and in about 63 miles the town of Joseph has arrived.

Joseph is named after the great Indian Chief of the Wal-lam-wat-kain (Wallowa) band of Nez Perce. When gold was found in the Wallowas, the white man drove this tribe out of their homeland. Cheif Joseph refused to go for many years until he gave up the fighting. One huge mountain in the Eagle Cap Wilderness is named after him as is the town. It is a cute little town nestled in the shadow of the 10,000 foot mountains called the Eagle Cap Wilderness. It is a farming community but the town is geared for the tourist. joseph

We had to go to Joseph to secure a camp site for our travelling rally in August. Everything worked out great in doing this. The woman at the Chamber of Commerce was in the office on her day off so we were able to talk with her and also see where we were parking the RV’s. We will be on a creek, in the trees and on grass. Can’t get any better than that!

walkingardenJoseph has made its name in bronze. There are several foundry’s there as well as artist’s work throughout the town. The one I liked the most is still on its corner. It is called Garden Walk by walk1Ramon Parmenter. Notice the detail. She is beautiful!








Other funky shops line Main Street.  We found this row of chickens for sale. A funny story goes with this. I was taking pictures of another bronze work while Dale was out by this line of chickens. This truck stops and this lady gets out and tells him she just has to take his picture. He declined but she insisted so he caved. When she got Dale all set for his photo shoot, she noticed the chicken on his shirt. That got her to laughing. Check out his website for HIS fashion photo shoot!



I did find the local yarn shop with wonderful dyed yarn of all weights. They also have a quilt shop. Dale’s favorite shop is the Hardware Store. He claims it is the best he has been in! And believe me, we have been in a lot of hardward stores. Move over Ace Hardware!

Since we were coming back to Joseph in August we moved on down the road to Enterprise and the Farmers Market. About 5 tents were up and only one had produce. I did get some spinach at $8.00 a pound, as well as a couple of tiny zucchini and some Bing cherries. We ate those on the way home! It was a good day!


One thought on “Over The Mountain and Through Hills

    Amanda Stratton said:
    August 5, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    Hey Gwen-I’m enjoying reading your blog!! And the pics are great too!! My husband is half Nez Perce Native American…we really want to explore some of his heritage.
    I miss you and keep up the great blogs!
    Love you!

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