Cornucopia, Oregon

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cornacoupaToday we visited the town of Cornucopia. Cornucopia is basically a ghost town now but was a town of the gold mining boom in 1880’s. Cornucopia means “horn of plenty.” Today, there are many original building left. They are privately owned. We inspected each and every one!

Here is the jail – we think.


We entered the area that had this big sign posted “Danger: Hard Hats Only.”
We drove right up and past the huge building that looked like it came from the 20th century. Back in the back we found an old mine, with the iron cart tracks still leading to it.
The mine was caved in but the outside structure remained. A healthy stream was flowing from under the tracks and the entrance to the mine.


We hiked all around this town, sometimes into the forest to find relics left behind. oldhouse


 After checking out the ghost town we headed down the road looking for a cool spot to spend the day along side Pine Creek. Found it and had lunch and Dale read! I wander around. Then we took the back roads of Halfway keeping the temperature gauge in front of us. It was 77 degrees. Our sweet tooth needed to be satisfied so we went to the market in Halway and picked up a pint of ice cream to share on the way home. It was a good day!


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