We Head for the Hills

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and cooler temps on Monday. We took Road 39 from Pine Creek that goes up and over the Eagle Cap Wilderness and drops down into Joseph. Our destination was Indian Crossing Campground, 10 miles up the Imnah River. But first, we had to take each and every side road to see what was down it! We stopped up on the Hells Canyon Lookout As we journeyed up the mountain we saw wildflowers still in bloom. The hills were covered in them. What a treat! Fireweed lined the roads and reminded me of my Alaska vacation.

Hells Canyon
Hells Canyon


A sweet girl from Austria stopped us to do a survey. She is working on her thesis out of her sister college in Virginia. We were able to chat with her about her background and her thoughts of the USA. We also came to the lookout to see if we could get cell service. We needed to call Chrysler about our truck and see if we could get them to get us a part to fix it. No cell service up that high, so we went down to a corner in the road where we had a few bars. We didn’t get anywhere with Chrysler. She just parroted back what the service manager told her that he told us. They weren’t on the phone long enough for her to check out the situation. So be it. Next vehicle may be a Ford. They seem to know how to manage their business and have parts available for people like us who are stranded.
Then we were off to Indian Crossing. We kept watching the tempature gauage to see how cool we could find. When we hit 75 degrees we knew we had found the right place to spend the day. When we stepped out of the car, vanilla with a touch of mint assaulted our noses. Morgan sneezed! The smell was gorgeous! We were in the woods. We set up our chairs and picnic lunch in the day use area overlooking the Imnaha River. It was so cool as a slight breeze tousled our hair. Of course, Morgan was in the water. But not for long. It was very, very cold. I did soap her down and wash her off. She is one stinky dog! So we ate and read. Dale is into a western book and just can’t put it down. So Morgan and I took the Imnaha Trail up the river. We hiked until the trail went off into the woods. Then we explored the campground. We finally came off the mountain at 8 p.m. We dreaded coming back to a hot house and temps. It was 92 at home at 9 p.m. We had some dinner and crashed. It was a good day!
Dale on the Imnaha River Reading
Sticky Aster and Rabbit Brush



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