Sun – day, Sun – day!

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We have had mostly clear blue skies during our stay here with temps up to 100 but averaging out in the 90’s. It has been hot and very unpleasant even in the shade. So we decided on Sunday to go visit the little church in Oxbow, which it looks as if it was once their school. We arrived about 5 minutes early and went into the sanctuary. There were about 10 people there, all dressed casually for summer. Terry introduced himself. He was a very outgoing guy. He led us in the song service. Then another man got up to ask for prayer and praises. I don’t know if he was a “pastor” or a layman, but he did bring us a message on “Friendship” using Ecclesiastes 4. His lesson was an “object” lesson and it was very insightful. We enjoyed our time with them and will probably go back next Sunday.


As the day wore on, us in the shade of the tree to keep cool, the sky was kicking up some very big storm clouds. We welcomed the clouds for they blocked the sun. Didn’t do much for the solar system, but hey, one can’t have your cake and eat it to! We did go for a swim and later in the afternoon a bike ride down to the old school house that we suspect is the town of  Homestead. As we were getting ready to leave on the bike ride rain started to fall. A drop here and a drop there. Nothing of significance. Just enough to turn the dirt on the car to sliding mud.

The clouds and wind brought a cooler evening and the RV was very pleasant. We both slept well and didn’t get up till 9:30 this morning. Well, Dale was an hour later crawling out of bed! We headed for the hills for the cooler weather. Why didn’t we think of this last week!


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