Off To Market We Go

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Saturday morning we were up and in our little white Chevy Colbalt heading for the Farmers Market. Where we are parked on the Snake River we are in Mountain Time and a quarter of a mile down the road we drive into Pacific Time which is a shoppers dream! Get up later to catch all the sales that start early!

The town of Halfway, 17 miles down the road, has a Farmers Market every Saturday. The market was advertised in “Pat’s Park.” When we got to the town we went to the only park we knew of, the Lions Park. We drove back to where we entered the town to ask someone for directions and we found a chalkboard filled with “Farmers Market” information. Well, the market was right there in their “plaza.”

The Plaza

As you can see there were 4 card tables with these nice ladies crafts: jewelry, knitted rugs from fabric strips, homemade cinnamon rolls and a massage chair. The produce that one could by was zucchini, lettuce and apricots. We passed on these and went to breakfast.

We remembered that Baker City has a Farmers Market on Saturday, so we decided to drive the 60 miles to check it out. We were determined to put some fresh veggies in our refrigerator.

Baker City Farmers Market
Baker City Farmers Market

This Saturday Market wasn’t much better vegetable wise. There were 2 tables of produce being offered along with lots of herbs. I did purchase a huge head of Romaine lettuce for $2 and Dale picked up another T-shirt. This one had a big yellow silhouette of a rooster on it with Baker City Farmers Market in print below it. He is a sucker for T-shirts and causes.  Since we were in Baker City we stopped off at Bi-Mart to see if we could find a screened tent. I am so tired of all the bugs. I also wanted something we could set up our double air mattress to sleep out since it has been so hot. As you can see, we found more than what we were actually looking for.

A Bi-Mart Spending Spree

  A Bi-Mart Spending Spree

As you can tell, we didn’t get much produce which was our goal for the day. We sure found other stuff though to make our life as full-time RVers a little more easy. My shopper husband found all this stuff. I bought a $4 T-shirt! The big cooler is to store water in – like 100 quarts of water – when we are boondocking. It even has a place to connect a hose so we can fill our fresh water tank. He also found his outside chair with a table. Thanks Coleman. He couldn’t pass up the $9.97 canvas tables that fold up. We will use these as foot stools. They are pretty cool. I can also put my laptop on one when I am outside sitting in my new house screen! Yes we found one. It is bigger than I was imaging but it works. We can have a good sized party in there. We did scratch our heads over getting all this stuff in our little Chevy Cobalt, but we managed to do it!

On our way home we took some photos of the area. In the first photo is the backside of the Eagle Cap Wilderness before arriving in Halfway.  The second photo is a dedication to the Oregon Trail’s 100th anniversary, which runs outside of Baker City. We stopped at a wayside to view the actual ruts made by the wagons all those long years past. I still ask “How do they know these are the actual tracks!” I guess I will just have to take their word on it.


 Eagle Cap Wilderness 

Eagle Cap Wilderness


1843-1943 1843-1943



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