Baker City, OR

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Before I begin, Happy Birthday David. My oldest has a birthday today! I would tell you his age but I try not to remember! Hope your day is awesome, David James.

Baker City, OR has such a rich history and they are proud of it. They have restored 60 buildings in the last five years to make them one of the largest commercial National Register Historic Districts in the state of Oregon. Thet register in at 110 historic buildings. This was once one of Oregon’s gold rush cities in the 1860’s and their run lasted about 50 years.

From our motel we could walk the downtown area. We could see the pride they have in their town. Each block of buildings has a plaque on it giving the date and name of the original building. The shops have a TT (Terrific Tuesday) where they have special sales for their customers. The main street was lined with trees, benches to sit on and they keep their city vwell maintained.

barleybrownWe asked the motel clerk for a place to eat where we could take Morgan. She suggest Barley Browns Brew Pub . They have sidewalk seating and it was a popular place inside and out. As we walked down Main Street we saw a few shops that made fudge, an ice cream parlour, bike shop, yarn shop, many antique shops, a western store, more copy and printing stores than we thought a little town could support, and two stationary stores. Remember those?!!!

We had to wait for a table, but it was worth the wait. It was difficult making the decision of what to eat. It has been so hot out that eating was iffy to begin with. Their salad selection was quit large and they had halibut fish and chips. For me, I chose to eat their Nachos and Dale chose the Chicken Fettuccine. Both entrees were a very large size and very tasty.  We took doggie boxes back to the motel with us! I think we will bring our Escapee’s chapter here for dinner when we come back in August.




The next morning we picked up the loaner car and immediately had to put gas in it. We are back in Oregon so had to wait while someone else pumped it for us! Love that service.

Since we had such a big meal the night before, we didn’t search out a place to eat until about noon. We found Bakers Bistro on Washington Street for a quick brunch. We chose this coffee shop because it had outside seating so Morgan could be with us. She attracks people so we get to meet all kinds of folks and talk to them about their town. We were in the shade of the building so it was quite pleasant being outdoors. It was already in the 80’s by 11 a.m. Dale and I shared their Extra Special Breakfast Burrito which had rice and black beans in it with the usual breakfast fare. We didn’t explore any more of the town as we were anxious to get home to the cat. She had been in the RV and the RV gets hot. We were sure she went to the basement where it was cool.

On the ride home, we stopped off at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center to see what was there. We are making plans for our Rolling Rally in August and this is one place the group wants to visit. Our tow truck driver told us to plan on 6 hours to see it all. They have scheduled many programs during the month. It is here you can walk in the ruts carved by pioneer wagons. How exciting to know these still exist from the late 1800’s.

We then drove on home and found our home the way we left it. I would like to think Annie was glad to see us! Morgan spent the rest of the day in the river! Silly dog.



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