Our “Woe is Us” Story

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Remember how I said the truck was acting up. We have just returned back home after an adventure beyond adventures. They say things come in three’s. Well they have to us. First our flat tire on the trailer, second something I can’t talk about but was a horrendous surprise out of the past and thirdly our truck.tow

We decided we needed to take the truck back to Halfway the next day to see if we could find a mechanic. We did find “Dale” who worked on diesel Dodge trucks. When we pulled into his driveway the truck stopped running and wouldn’t start up again. Dale the mechanic did a diagnostic on it and thought he had reset what was wrong but it still wouldn’t start. The lifter pump that puts fuel into the fuel pump was a write off. So he called a tow company to come get us (out of Baker City) and they towed us to the Dodge dealership in Baker City – 54 miles away. We were then told that the one part they  had doesn’t fit our truck and the part we need has been back ordered. It seems because of the bankruptcy of Chrysler they quit making parts. And it seems the whole country needs this part. Josh, the Service manager has tried to get this part from Oregon, California, Idaho and Utah with no luck. Some dealerships have the part but won’t give it up even for people like us who have only one vehicle and are stranded. So we were put on off-road emergency and pray Chrysler will intervene and get a part for us. But that is iffy because another Dodge Ram sits in their lot waiting for the same part.This back ordered part is suppose to arrive August 4.  towing

The next thing to tackle was getting a rental. Baker City is a small town. After calling around, Josh told us there weren’t any rentals in Baker City or Ontario until Friday. Josh was so helpful and nice. He did all he could to find us a way home. We had to spend the night and before we left for the motel they had found a rental in Ontario – a 2 hour drive. So they sent a kid to get it and we spent almost a sleepless night in a motel room because the guy next door had some radio up louder than he should have. On the plus side, I had done a load of laundry while waiting for the tow truck, so we had clean undies and clothes for the next day! I also carry extra toothbrushes and tooth paste in the truck but alas, no deodorant which is needed in this very hot weather!!


When we got to the dealership we found out the car was a loaner and wouldn’t cost  us anything – thank you Lord. We were looking at a $300 to $400 bill there. The part is under warranty and AAA pays for the towing. So we are only out the time and we aren’t going anywhere! We’ll just keep on sitting here by the Snake River. 

So that is our “woe is us” adventure and hopefully we are done with stuff for the next 5 years. “When handed lemons, make lemonade!” It could have been much worse.

Oh, and I was able to hit a yarn store! That made my day. Dale went to the bike shop. I came away with some needles (I broke the tip on my Knit Picks needle) and Dale’s bike shoes weren’t on sale.


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