Did Some One Mention 100 Degrees

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Looking out our front door towards Oxbow
Looking out our front door towards Oxbow

Oh, it has been hot. The truck temp today read 99 degrees and the trailer temp read 90 degrees. It does help being near the water. We will take the 9 degree difference.

We headed out this morning to dump the garbage and fill our water jugs. We then drove to Halfway, some 17 miles down the road into Oregon. It is strange because we are sitting in M ountain time, yet we go to the intersection of Oxbow and the road to Pine Creek and Halfway and we are in Pacific time. We like Pacific time better! Dinner time comes and goes in Mountain time and we aren’t ready. Tonight we will grill one of our favorite steaks from Fred Meyer. The Angus Pepper steak. Yummy.

Halfway was a cute farming town. Dale found a hardware store and I found an awesome quilt store. The merchandise would make any woman worth their salt cry. I wish I was a quilter when I go into these kinds of stores. I did find the yarn department. There wasn’t a lot but fun to run my hands over what they had.

We stopped at their little grocery store and picked up some banana’s, eggs and chips. Prices made us do the “gulp” thing. Diesel was within reason though at $2.64.9. Halfway was the town in Oregon that half.com went into and promised stuff and fulfilled some of their promises if they would call their town Half.com. Sigh….

We got back home; had left over pizza for lunch; then got in our swimsuits and hit the lake. Much cooler than sitting in the shade, even today. Now, the sun has gone behind the mountain and we can cool down the trailer. Dinner in a little while then maybe a movie. Last night we brought our little TV out to watch a DVD. Yes, it has a DVD player. The noisy boat down the way from us left us alone long enough to hear every word. We even had popcorn cooked in the microwave. Solar is great!

To get to our spot we had to go through this tunnel carvced out of the mountain. Take a gander. endtunnel

Tunnel at Oxbow
Tunnel at Oxbow

 Since I am such a woosie about get totally wet, I got out one of the kids water floats and blew it up to have some fun. 

Morgan having fun too!swim

 Dale is busy up on the roof cleaning the solar panels. He thinks we should be getting more ampage out of them. So far they are working great. Our truck on the other had stopped on us in the tunnel. The “check engine” light is on so we are looking for a dealer in the area to take it to. We are hoping it is something simple. Please God! We hope to find someone in Halfway but may have to go to Baker City. We were going to take a picnic up the mountain toward Joseph to look around and maybe see if it is cooler up there. There are many free campgrounds in the area and on a creek. Until then…..be happy and know that “life is good!”

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