We’ve Returned

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to one of our most favorite places in Oregon – Oxbow, OR. About 5 years ago we took a North Eastern Oregon vacation out of Idaho. Destination – Joseph, OR. On our journey from Idaho into Oregon, we came upon the Brownlee Reservoir, Brownlee Dam and then Oxbow Dam. All these are in the Hells Canyon Wilderness Area. At the base of the Oxbow Dam is an Idaho Power Campground called Copperville. It is a well kept park, water and electricity and camping and it is situated right on the Snake River. We stayed there last night.us

After investaging the area, we found a perfect boon docking place provided by Idaho Power. It is a wide spot, surrounded by trees and bushes off a dirt road. We are about 5 feet from the bank of the river which makes the area cool. The temps have been around 104 to 109 during the day. We also have a shade tree and it made for a pleasant day. We will be spending about 14 days here, resting and relaxing from out time with the grandchildren and family.

Morgan Fishing
Morgan Fishing

We got a big kick out of Morgan today. She was in doggie heaven running in and out of the water. Every once in awhile a fish (salmon we think) will jump out of the water. This is her cue to jump in and swim out to where she saw the fish jump. She would literlly sit on the bank waiting for a fish to jump. See her in this photo? That is the Morgan (fisher dog) stance. We are going to enjoy being here!


One thought on “We’ve Returned

    Janice said:
    July 20, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Gerald says that some day we’re going to do the “Gwen & Dale” route. We sure love the places you’re picking to camp!!

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