I Am Awestruck!!!

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I have never been past the Steen Mountains in S.Eastern Oregon so this is a real treat. As we pulled down into Leslie Gulch the scene before us was incredible. I thought only in Arizona do you see these red rocks and incredible rock formations. My camera was going off every few seconds trying to capture the majesty and grandeur that was set before me. A big wow to God’s creation!  I know the photo’s don’t do this scenery justice. So you just have to visit Leslie Gulch on your own.

And to think we lived in Eagle, ID for 8 years and were only an hour and half away from here but we never knew about this place.

We are camped in a BLM campground. The cost is free. They have setup individual sites with a very nice picnic table and a cover over the table plus a fire ring. And the cost is FREE! The Owyhee River is just around the bend. It is low for this time of year, but good fishing and swimming, as Morgan has tested it for you. She said the water is FINE, so come on in!

We have also encounter those nasty black no-see-um bugs, once again! This time we are prepared with bug spray with DEET in it to ward them off. We both are still suffering from the bites we got at Gerber Res.

Yes, we came down yet another dirt road! I think we are both hoping this is the last one for awhile. From Hwy 95, we travelled 25 miles on a gravel road to Leslie Gulch. Our rig is holding up nicely. We haven’t found too many screws on the floor!

Enjoy the photo’s. We are hiking tomorrow so hope to see a Big Horn Sheep!

This photo is looking out our front door.





lg1owhyee river


One thought on “I Am Awestruck!!!

    Bob Stewart said:
    July 15, 2009 at 6:57 am

    Dale and Gwen:

    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us.

    We grew up in Oregon and have never had the opportunity to see these sites. The state certainly has locations of great beauty.

    Again, thank you very much for sharing your adventures, be safe, and good luck.

    Bob and Lynn

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