Still Paridise

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EagleIt has been a week since we landed here. Today we were discussing we hope this place hasn’t spoiled us for the places we have yet to visit. This is Paridise!
We have water front  property on a dead end dirt road that doesn’t see much traffic. We are not close to any “man-made” camps, they are up the road from us.
Our only visitors are the eagles, pelicans, ospreys, humming birds of many colors and birds we haven’t yet figured out what they are.
We also get bugs but one can put up with them in this beautiful setting.

The Resiviour doesn’t see much activity. Across the lake is the Gerber Campground and we haven’t seen many campers. I
guess you would call them fishermen because that is what most people do here. Us, we came to get away from everything
and have managed quite well in doing do.

We have seen eagles catch fish and sit on the bank. Then off they fly to their nest. The pelicans float by in groups of 6 to 12, herding fish. You would think they were practicing for syncornized swimming as all their heads go into the water, butts up while they feed. Then they all pop up at once! Quite a sight. I will add some photo’s so you can see for yourself. Every day we see something new and we are loving God’s outdoor nature scene. What a blessing.bunchpelicansHome for Now

Dale guarding the rocks

 The only hard task for us is to go to the campground and deposit our trash there and fill up our water jugs. We have toured around the lake on the many roads, gone looking for geocache or looking for the Sandhill Cranes nest. We haven’t found any geocache or the nest. We did hear some growls on the way back from a two mile hike. We had a foot race getting home.

The sounds are wonderful here – except for the Kildeers! They rattle on all day. The eagles talk to each other or sit in their tree singing. The Sandhill Cranes make a gosh awful noise, but they are big birds. Birds tweet and sing most of the day. Then there are the coyotes that wake us up welcoming the sunrise. They freak Morgan out.



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