Our Journey Begins

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After four and one half years with Howard Prairie Resort, we quit our job, packed everything up and left for green pastures. Monday, June 22 we departed HP about noon, heading for Gerber Reservoir outside of Bonanza, OR. Our object at this time is to boondock to save money with camp fees. We put solaron our 5th wheel in May to accommodate us with power. Now, we are able to park our rig in places that don’t have electricity and be fully functional. We have boondocked before and go about 3 weeks on the water in our tank and not fill up the holding tanks.

We landed at Gerber Res about 2pm. We stopped in Bonanza and had lunch. We pulled into the BLM campground but decided to go on to with Pothole Camp. or Stan H. Springs. We chose Stan H Springs because it is right on the lake. We had to be sure to park 200 yards away from the water.We have been here for a week now. I will post what we have enjoyed sitting out under our awning. If this is what retirement looks like, we are in love! No clocks to punch, no places to be, no getting dress up and we are at no ones beck and call. Awesome!

 This is where we began our retirement!

This is where we began our retirement!



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